Legislation in its purest form can be lengthy, difficult to understand and time consuming. The Barbour Guide breaks down complex legislation, making it easier to understand and easier to convey to colleagues and clients, or even for use as a basis for training.

The Corporate Manslaughter guide gives you all the information you need on this key topic in the simplest format possible and highlights key areas that are important to those responsible for Health and Safety.
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Health and Safety
As a leading source of health and safety information, Barbour’s intuitive online search assists professionals in reducing risk and avoiding prosecution as a result of non-compliance.
A Barbour subscription allows industry professionals to source documents that are crucial to the success of their business, as well as providing the tools necessary to make accessing and sharing information easier.

Other benefits include:
• CPD materials; Seminars, webinars and briefing notes
• Guides, forms and checklists
• Summaries
• Weekly news updates

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